Uplifting Your Mood with Fragrance

We are going into week four of official lock down, I am sure just like me, many of you have been on a roller coaster of emotions this week.
Disbelief, fear, shock, loneliness, panic, a little lost. But know this you are not alone; the whole world is having the same thoughts. Although it is only natural to feel this way, we need to also bring in hope, joy and be thankful for this unique time we have been given to slow down!
The world is slowing down around us and there is something beautiful in that. Friday last week I sat in the sun, closed my eyes and listened. I could hear the birds singing more clearly, the wind in the trees and the sound of children giggling.
Have you noticed how quite the world seems this week? No horns, sirens, cars engines. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air and if you allow it to it can bring comfort in this time, knowing spring is the beginning of better days to come.
If you are in a bit of a funk, there really could not be a better time to start a new regime to uplift your mood and to get your sparkle back.
Scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance.
Many of us take our sense of smell for granted without a second thought about how the smell is made.
From the sweet bitterness of that first cup of coffee in the morning to the gentle, familiar scents which reassure us we are home, we’re exposed to an endless smorgasbord of different smells every day – many of which have a significant impact on our mood and outlook on life.
Scents provoke memories that bring us happiness, the smell of sun tan cream in the air reminding us of beach holidays, fresh grass wafting through the open window giving us hope that summer is on its way, the smell of roses reminding you of your childhood spent in your Grandmothers garden.
They are powerful and when used right the right scent can really lift your mood.
So why not create your perfect calming spot, where you can indulge in your favourite uplifting things that tantalise the senses.
I have asked Tami for her recommendations for the top uplifting scents from the Hawthorn House collection. Here are her thoughts -
I think we are all drawn to certain fragrant families Whether that be floral, fruity, Citrus Or Woody/ spicy.  Mine has definitely changed throughout the years and I also like to have different scent’s for each season, for day, night and for my home I always choose different fragrances for each room.
With that said my go to scent whatever the weather would have to be citrus I just love the way it lifts my mood and energy.  I love working with the various citrus fruits one of my favourite being Pomelo which is a hybrid grapefruit, I find it slightly softer than a grapefruit and it’s beautiful on the skin. I love to wear this fragrance in the day and always spritz a little in my hair. 
Pomelo is also featured in my Oroblanco Home Fragrance Collection.
As an alternative another beautiful uplifting fragrance is the Moroccan Orange and Verbena - The cologne in this collection is a living cologne which can be used in the air and also on your skin.  The products available are eco room diffusers, scented candles and diffuser refills. Our fragrances make perfect gifts for anyone who needs a little uplift or just treat yourself - you are worth it.
Thank you for reading take care and stay safe.
Love Tami X

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