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Relaxation is such an important part of our lives, yet quite a lot of us do not fully shutdown, ever unless we are asleep. We live such fast past, frantic lives that we put ourselves to the bottom of the priority pile. Living life at 100 miles an hour is awful for our health and wellbeing, we tell ourselves we are relaxing but if you were to step out of the picture and to look at what we think is our relaxing time. Would holding a mobile phone scrolling through social media on the sofa with the television on in the background really be relaxing?

Do you ever find yourself freaking out when you find yourself with nothing to do? You probably have noticed this more now this month than you have ever before. We are conditioned into believing we must be productive members of society, and there is nothing wrong with that. To a degree, but to live life on full every second of every day is only going to lead to one path and that is either anxiety, depression or ill health. Nobody wants that, it is a horrible experience to go through. We can change that right now!

So lets make the most of this time, take some time out to heal, whether it be your body, your mind, or even spiritual.

The truth is that it is very difficult for us to be quiet and still with ourselves. A lot of us find it tough to just sit in a room without reaching for our iPhone, checking our social media accounts or flicking on the television. We have an obsessive, addictive need to fill all our empty moments with being entertained in some way, so we pick up the phone, be nosy on social media, researching a home project, buy things we know we really do not need but “hey… it is a bargain after all and I have nothing else to do.” All of this is fine but when we cannot just relax without it, is it really healthy?

When we think of relaxing did you instantly think “ooh yes, I need to go on a yoga retreat” your mind wanders and you start to research yoga retreats or spa days.

But this is not needed, they are lovely, but relaxation can happen at home, anytime and should be done much more regularly that your annual spa day with the girls. Find your perfect spot for quite time, turn off the phone, if you have young children wait for them to head off the bed, tell your partner you need to switch off for 15-30 minutes.

Here are our top Relaxation tips.

Our first is to go and run a hot bath, put your favourite products in, light some candles – set the scene. Play some soothing music, my go to is always the beach, it reminds me of laying on the hot sand and snoozing the day away, find music that relaxes you because we are all different. Just lay and let the hot water consume you, let your thoughts out of your mind and breathe in deep. Breathing has a huge impact on relaxation, the best way to start is the 5,5,5 method. Breathe in deep through your mouth for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds then release for 5.

Our second go to is nature, whether it be in the garden or hiking through the woods until you find a quiet nock to sit in. Again breathe, let all your worries escape, take a note pad with you and start your very own gratitude journal thinking of all the things you are grateful for.

And thirdly, Yoga. Yoga is an amazing way to calm and relax. It is good for the soul and physically. Light a candle, spray your favourite aroma around the room, and practise those yoga poses. If you have not tried yoga before, there are so many amazing tutorials on YouTube that take you through it step by step. I always find one that has a calming voice that I can listen to at ease.

 Tami’s relaxation product tips………….

 My favourite thing to do and I try to do it at least once a week is run a bath with some Himalayan bath salts or Epsom salts a spoonful of coconut oil and some essential oils - my favourites are lavender and geranium.  I light a candle - something soothing like my Moss Rose and Geranium I put a hair mask on along with a face mask, close my eyes and totally relax if it has been particularly busy in my head I will play some very chilled music, there is a great app called calm- I love the sound of rain or the sea.  This will most certainly set me up for the most amazing night sleep but the next day my head is always a lot clearer and I feel so much Calmer.

 Stay safe everyone and give yourself some self love 🌿


Tami x

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