It Started in a Tea Cup

Hawthorn House® is synonymous with elegance and sophistication, offering a range of luxury candles and home fragrance.
 The company was born out of a passion for fragrance by founder Tami Murray, who’s love of creating beautiful scents began at the tender age of six with her first ‘exquisite rose perfume’ fashioned with rose petals and water from her Mother’s garden.
 Today Tami is renowned for her ability to create and capture a beautiful bouquet, by combining interesting and often unusual ingredients which are blended to create unique scents. Her uncompromising standards of perfection means that each product is hand finished creating the perfect fragrance experience.
 HH pride themselves on sourcing the finest raw materials. The wax used is a coconut and vegetable special blend, which is eco-friendly, using only cotton wicks, giving a clean even burn with the maximum scent throw. This teamed with exquisite fragrances sets the Hawthorn House brand apart from others on the market
 Her first ever candle was produced in this very teacup which she sourced from a local charity shop.

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