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Kitchen / Day Room


The Kitchen is one of those places in our house where it is busy and full of life. We all sit and eat together there, we have coffee with friends, we bake cakes with our children and drink wine in the evening catching up with old acquaintances, it is a place for bonding, over good food and drink. It is the heart of the home for so many reasons. So we want it to feel welcoming, so your family and friends are at peace when spending all those hours in there with you.

Kitchens can naturally smell divine, the scent of coffee first thing in the morning, the cookies and cake you bake, the subtle fragrances from the herbs coming off your roast joint on a Sunday. But there are fragrances that linger that we like to replace.

First things first, you cannot get rid of smells if the offending item is still in the kitchen. Empty out your bin, give it a deep clean, throw away old food from the fridge, make sure there is not an onion or potato rotting in the pantry that you have forgotten about. Doing a full sweep of the room is so basic, but oftentimes we get caught up in the smell that we do not look at the source of the odour, or worse we get used to it.

Once the area is clean and bad odour free, we can really think about bringing in those beautiful scents, the ones that make everyone wonder what you have used to create it.

There are some fantastic ways to keep the kitchen smelling clean behind the scenes while your favourite candles, living colognes and diffusers work their magic front of house.

  • Drop some essential oils into a cup of water and baking soda and place in the top of the fridge, the baking soda draws the odours in and locks them away, while the oils give a fresh scent. Don’t forget to replace weekly to ensure it works at its best.
  • When you have cleaned your bin, spritz your favourite living cologne on to a paper towel and place in the bottom of the bin before you put your bin bag in. The waft when you open the lid is far more pleasant.
  • If you have cooked something particularly fragrant in the oven or microwave – you know the more offending ones, the curries, the spag bols and the pepperoni pizzas, place a heat proof container inside with water and a sliced lemon or lime and heat for a few minutes in the microwave or fifteen in the oven. The smell is divine, not only do the citrus notes rid the bad smell in the area it throws the scent across the room, leaving a fresh uplifting scent in the room.
  • In the winter months when the radiators are on, pop a tea towel in warm water and wring dry. Drop some of your diffuser oil refill onto the damp towel and place on the radiator. It’s a great way to quickly get scent into a room especially on the curry nights with friends. Chances are they will not even notice you have done it, whilst you were clearing away and wonder how you have achieved the scent, magic!


Tamis recommendation HERE

I love to smell the aromas that flow from the kitchen - fresh coffee, baked bread a Sunday roast to name a few so I dont like to use too much scent in this area of the home unless Of course the curry from the night before is lingering then I will spritz with Oroblanco or Mango & Lemon Leaf living cologne.

We have a day room that leads on from the kitchen so similar to a garden room or conservatory and really love to use the Moroccan orange collection teamed with the mango & lemon leaf its really fresh and uplifting and works perfectly together.

Moroccan Orange Collection

Mango & Lemon Leaf Collection


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