The Bathroom Edition


I love to create a little spa in my bathroom I try  to do this at least once a week where I will light a couple of candles add some Epsom salts to my bath with a few pumps of HH body cleanser.

I make up a body scrub using Epsom salts coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils - I apply all over avoiding my face.  I will sometimes apply a hair mask at the same time along with a face mask - then relax.  Total bliss.

To finish off after drying apply a body butter, I’m loving the HH Pomelo which leaves my skin feeling super soft and smells delicious but you could use any butter just make sure it’s Paraben free.

There will always be a living Cologne in my bathroom which I will spritz over myself as well as my hair brush and not forgetting the towels!


Tami’s recommended products


220g scented candles

body butter

Body cleanser & lotion

rose & geranium living cologne 


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