The Bedroom Edition

The Bedroom Edition
So what’s wrong with a little sleep deprivation? Can it really be a big deal? Sleep deprivation is a big deal, a very big deal. Aside from the obvious grumpiness and irritability associated with a lack of sleep, sleep deprivation can have serious consequences for overall health and wellness.
Our body is designed to grow, repair, renew and thrive under conditions of rest. During periods of rest and generous time spent in sleep, growth hormone secretion increases, anabolic biochemicals arise and the body’s immune system restores itself to maximise its ability to fight.
Since lock down a lot of us, have completely changed our sleeping habits, some getting more rest others opting for later nights and little cat naps in the day. This is not the best for ensuring our bodies are at their healthiest, and right now that is what we all need to be striving to achieve.
October is fast approving and with the majority of us returning to "the new norm" getting our bodies back into a routine will not only make October a little easier for us but will help us feel better along the way.
Editors Notes:
Our place of rest and sanctuary - There is nothing nicer than climbing into a freshly made bed with crisp cotton sheets.  This is also my time to apply hand cream - if my hands are particularly dry I will apply cuticle oil first followed by HH butter.   I will always sleep with the window open as really don't like to be too hot. Cold is a problem too so I always have my bed socks if needed.  In the morning I will pull the sheets back to air the bed before spritzing the sheets with a little Tea essence Living cologne with the top note of bergamot makes this the perfect bedroom companion.  
Diffusers work really well in bedrooms especially spare rooms that are made up with the door shut.  My favourites are Rose & geranium and Black Oak & Bergamot.

Editors suggestions :

Tea Essence Living Cologne

Moss Rose & Geranium Cologne

Black Oak & Bergamot Cologne

Pomelo Body Butter

Black Oak Diffuser

Moss Rose Diffuser


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