Dressing Your Home With Scent - Hall/Cloakroom

It is easy to forget that an entrance hall is a room. It often has a corridor status label in our minds and becomes an afterthought when we are designing our homes. It also is left last when we are having a clean and a tidy, it gets done if we have the time. But it is, in fact, an important space in our homes and this underestimation of it needs to become a thing of the past.

The entrance hall is the place for arrivals and departures, it sets the tone for the rest of the house, so it needs to be welcoming. The furniture here should be good, after all some people never make it past the entrance hall into your home, so it is the only sense they ever have of it. The hall table can be quite magnificent and a statement piece, after all it is where you are going to display your scents and create the mood for the house with the sense of smell.

When you're thinking about what scents you want to use in your entrance hall, you want it to ideally be a reflection of a welcoming and inviting ambience. There are things to consider here for example: size of your hallway, season, time of day, occasion, location of your home, personal preferences, decorating style or desirable experiences you've had in the past relating to people or travel for example, that you may wish to recreate.

Have you ever walked into someones home to be greeted with the smell of… feet or worse a musty odour, and you instantly regret breathing too deep as you walked in, I said it, we have all been there, I was determined to live in a place where people walk in, inhale extra deeply, and feel mesmerised by a stunning, luxury scent. The type people ask, what is that smell, it is gorgeous?

When people come over, they comment before they take off their coat, wanting to know what I am burning or what I have sprayed. It is not an accident. So where can you begin…

Candles are the best place to start, the stronger the better, finding a candle with a high scent throw is the most important factor after the actual scent that it gives because that is why we have purchased the candle, it is to be able to smell it in a room. Luxury candles not only give that they give a stylish look too.

But candles are not the be all and end all for creating scent, we want to layer scents that complement each other when used together, creating a whole different experience than when used alone. A living cologne is a brilliant way to instantly scent a room, whether it is a spritz just before you open your door, after you have used the cloak room or to rid the smell of teenage football boots that they ever so kindly leave on the mat. A living cologne is a great way to improve the scent in multiple areas instantly. When you have those surprise guests having a living cologne on the console table to grab is just the perfect go to product.

Tami's Tip's

 The entrance to your home is probably the no1 key area for scent.  It is your guests first impression and your pride and joy.

It always nice to see a nice planter by a front door or two one either side - it sets the scene beautifully.

I will always spritz my Hall area with an uplifting living cologne and have a seasonal diffuser working in the background.  If I am having a dinner party or guests in the evening I will light a candle on my side table in the hall and one in the cloakroom.  I will also spritz the fresh hand towels in the cloakroom and have a perfume that guests can use that complement the hand wash and lotion.  Always seal in the moisture after washing your hands with a lotion or hand cream - its so important and quick but we tend to dismiss.

Tami's suggestions:


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