Dress Your Home With Scent

Dress your home with scent

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 If you are still at home after all these weeks you may be desperately trying to find ways to keep yourself motivated and to lift your mood, whether you are learning a new language, taking up a home renovation project or gardening. You may be overlooking one of the simplest ways to lift your mood and keep motivated, and that is to dress your home with scent.

Fragrance comes in many forms whether you have a diffuser in your hallway, a candle in the living room or a living cologne in your bedroom to spritz your pillows every morning, each fragrance defines the energy in that given room.

So dressing it with scent is extremely important to give you the feel you desire, which is defined by the use of the room.

Certain elements in your home can create mood: lighting, texture, colour, but now more than ever, another element is being used. You guessed it – scent - is becoming the new mood-setting amenity.

Scent is not about trend; it is about instinct and individuality. Scent should reflect the people in the home or the individual. Cultivate a personality for your home to give it character and let it deepen. When people enter your home, they get a sense of what your home is about by enlightening their senses.


If you are an energetic, fun and fresh family then citrus is a great go to, if you are more calming, peaceful people then lavender and florals may be the way to go, the same for woody scents, would be perfect for the more natural home.

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