Mango & Lemon Leaf

The summer holidays are here, the "new norm" is in full swing and it is lovely to be able to get out a bit more than we have been able to for the best part of 2020. 
Lock down, although a nightmare in a sense, really does make you appreciate the smaller things in life and how easy it is to get swept away with neglecting the things most important whilst chasing something bigger and better. Sometimes just the smell of sun tan cream and the Great British coastline is all you need for a beautiful summer. 
Whether you are going further a field this summer or having a staycation, this year has been an amazing year at bringing perspective and gratitude, that some of us really needed. 
So with summer in mind we have  been thinking about our scent of the month and the scent we have chosen is Mango and Lemon Leaf, we are so in love with the feeling it gives when it hits your senses. It is a true summer fragrance, bringing all those happy, warm day feelings straight back to you! 
Bring that explosion of fruit and citrus into your home with HH products creating the ultimate summer feeling. Mango and Lemon Leaf can be injected into your home using a reed diffuser, candle or a cologne, we have something for everybody.

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