Sitting Room/Drawing Room

Dress Your Home With Scent

Sitting Room/Drawing Room

When you are planning your scent for your sitting room I feel it needs to fit in with you decor.  For instance my sitting room is quite dark and a little snug - I have used allot of velvet, tweed and leather so I want the scent in there to reflect and compliment this.  So I have opted for woody earthy notes and my signature scent in there is Tonka & Oud which works wonderfully.  Lighting a candle in the evening really sets the tone as my lighting is lamps and very dimly lit.  I particularly like the 3 wick as its quite a large room.  The diffuser I use with this scent is the wild fig as the scent through is great and works so well with the oud.  Once the room has been cleaned I will always plump up the cushions and spritz a little living cologne - the finishing touch.

Tami's recommendations:

Tonka & Oud 3 wick candle

Tonka & Oud Living Cologne

Wild Fig Diffuser


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