HH Refill Service


At HH we are delighted to offer a refill service - as this is how our founder Tami started out on her candle path.  This will apply to our larger HH vessels 3 wick, tall 3 wick, candle tank and any suitable vessel you have at home.

To determine how many grams, fill you container with water and then pour into a measuring Jug. 100ml = 100g for our pricing purposes.

£8 per 100g in increments of 100.

Simply contact theteam@hawthornhouse.co.uk detailing any special requirements.


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Candle Care

Allow wax to melt to the edge of the glass to prevent tunnelling and give an even burn.

Keep wick trimmed to 5 mm at all times.

Do not burn for more than 4 hours or less than 1 hour.

Sit candle on silver lid to protect surface.

Snuff candle with lid.

Use a toothpick to align wick when wax is melted if needed.

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