The Power of Fragrance

The Power of Fragrance
Your fragrance will be the first impression of you as you enter somewhere, and the lasting impression when you leave, the same with a home – the scent inside your home will give someone an impression of you as a person or a family, when you think of fragrance this way it really brings to the forefront how important fragrance is and the power it holds!
Fragrance is like an accessory for so many people, just like getting dressed in the morning and then adding the accessories to finish a look, necklace, earrings, rings, watches, ties, etc. Spraying on your favourite fragrance is just as important in how you feel as wearing your lucky shirt.
It is the same for home fragrance, it feels amazing when the house is sparkling clean but to finish the room you need a candle and a spritz of your favourite living cologne. Only then does the room feel finished!
Natural perfumes set a mood. If you want to feel playful you wear a light citrus fragrance. If you want to feel confident you wear a fragrance that makes you feel good about yourself. It is a wearable art form.
To home in some more on the power fragrance has, picture this…. You walk into a beautifull home. It has that freshly decorated look and it is well coordinated. There’s beautiful art on the walls and pillows are chopped and lined up on the sofa. There is nothing out of its place.
Now picture walking into the same home with fresh baked cookies coming out of the oven!
Instantly it sounds more appealing, does it not? The first was lovely but the second adds a whole new dimension of pleasure to the experience, and that isn’t because we instantly thought “I am hungry, I would like to eat a cookie”, you probably breathed in deep and thought of the amazing smell of cookies. Am I right?
Fragrance should never be under estimated, have a walk around your home and think about the areas in which you could add scent.
Tami's Recommendations 
For me scent is as important in the house as it is to be worn on the skin it is the finishing touch - to dress a room with scent is bringing the decor to life it should complete the story. I love to see the Flicker of candlelight it brings warmth and ambience to any space - however I love to layer the fragrance within my home as I would on my skin.  So I would always recommend preserving your scented candles with lids and using Room diffusers and living colognes to give an instant burst I fragrance that will be lasting and lingering throughout your home.
My tips would be to use a citrus uplifting fragrance in the hall and day areas - I particularly like the Moroccan orange teamed with the Oroblanco they really do complement each other.
I tend to stick to non-scented candles in the dining room as I feel scent should not be mixed with food certainly not while you are eating – my exception to this would be garden living as the above fragrances are great for bug repellents.
My sitting room is used mainly in the evening so I love to light my Tonka and Oud and give a spritz on the sofas once the cushions have been plumped up.
For my  bedrooms I use Moss Rose and geranium diffusers and love to spritz the cotton bedsheets with the cologne - for my sons room I will use black oak and Bergamot it has a really nice calming yet fresh scent and the boy hasn’t complained so it must be nice!
Finally I like to spritz the hand towels in bathrooms and toilets And will always spray the hallway prior to guests arriving 🌿
Tami x
P.S All of my living colognes can be worn on the skin as well as in the air - only a little is needed as the base is pure perfume.

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