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You walk into you home from a busy day and your letter box is full. There are bills, statements, junk mail a letter from the gas company arranging an appointment, a reminder of the dentist appointment you need to make and after a long day, is this really what you want to walk into on the 1st of the month?

Now picture this – amongst all that post is a box, a beautifully wrapped box, addressed just to you! You go in excited with the anticipation of what the box holds inside. You have no idea what is coming exactly but you know you are going to love it; it is like Christmas and birthdays all wrapped into one perfectly packaged box.

This is exactly why everyone needs a subscription box.

For most people, the big advantage of subscription boxes is the fun factor. With many subscription boxes, the items you receive each month are chosen especially for you, based on your likes and preferences. This can be a major boon for people who have trouble finding what they like in stores, or who just do not enjoy shopping. And for many people, knowing the items were chosen just for them increases the thrill of opening a new box. According to Dorman, getting these “handpicked” items boosts people’s self-esteem and “makes them feel unique.” Who doesn’t want that feeling, EVERY MONTH!

Here at Hawthorn House we have created the perfect subscription box, join our scent club subscription today and we will surprise you with full size products each month from our latest fragrance collection or you can choose which product you would like, saving you a fantastic 15% off & Free Postage.

HH is delighted to bring you The Scent Club subscription, keeping you stocked in beautiful fragrances, without having to worry about it. Set it and Forget it! Giving you that simplicity to shopping.

If you decide one month you don’t need any top ups you can gift it to someone else, and we will post to your family or friend.

This is truly the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

A little note from Tami -

I am super excited about offering a subscription to our customers – you asked, we listened and it’s here I hope you love it as much as we do.  What is so wonderful is that you have complete control so you can cancel your gift, pause or cancel products at any time.

Not sure about you but I like to have a little stash of a few of my favourite things just so I am never caught out with that little gift for someone.  It’s great for the diffuser refills to have one on hand when your bottle needs a top up. When topping up with the same scent you can keep your existing reeds, doing your bit with recycling.

A Little Tip:  For spare bedrooms or rooms that are rarely used I always keep my diffuser plugs take reeds out put the plug-in or half the amount of reeds - that way your solution will last a lot longer.

Set it & Forget it!

 Lots of love

The Scent Club Subscription click here


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